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  • How to Prepare End of the Year Gifts for Students
    These tokens of a teacher’s appreciation for the young minds she taught can become treasured memorabilia that kids hold on to for years to come. Learn how to have this kind of impact on the children in your care and save money when creating end of the year gifts for students.
  • Three Homemade Thank You Gifts for Room Moms
    Thank you gifts for homeroom moms are sure to touch the heart. Each of the following gifts involves the creative abilities of the individual students in the class. These are simple, inexpensive gifts that will last long after school is over.
  • 24 Spring Lessons for the Elementary Grades
    Spring is a time of awakening, and there is no better way to awaken the interest of your students than by using unique lessons and activities. Here, we have collected the best that Bright Hub Education has to offer for spring.
  • Teaching Multiculturalism and Diversity During Winter Holidays
    Many holiday customs have lost their meaning in the hustle and bustle of society. Taking time to discuss the origins of our winter traditions helps students find connections, learn about diversity and, ultimately, foster tolerance. Here's how to start.
  • Elementary Student Activities for the First Day
    What should a teacher choose as activities for the first day of school? It's the first day of school, and everyone wants it to be a great first day. Try a student-created bulletin board and a candy ice breaker.
  • You Don’t Have to Be a Common Teacher to Use Common Core Standards
    What are the advantages of the Common Core Standards? Do you have to change everything that you taught before? Here are some specifics for first grade classrooms.
  • Teaching Strategies to Overcome the Achievement Gap
    As teachers, we can move beyond the talk about the achievement gap, and instead, utilize proven strategies to affect real change in our classrooms.
  • – Inspire Children’s Learning
    Read about Big Universe, an ebook sharing platform for grades K-8. How well does the program work? Is it a fit for your class?
  • Class Badges to Encourage Student Learning
    No matter how organized a teacher is, a little help is always welcome. Class Badges allows you to assign students badges earned based on criteria you set yourself. Learn more about how it can work for you.
  • The “New” Common Core in the Elementary Grades
    How do you adapt to Common Core changes in your elementary classroom? You may find it's not all that different from what you're already doing. Use the in-depth curriculum maps for guidelines and suggestions on adapting your current lesson plans.
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