Decorating with Math: Ideas for Math Elementary Bulletin Boards

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Math Elementary Bulletin Boards

Educators have many uses for bulletin boards. We use them to announce things, like events and activities. We decorate them to celebrate holidays and the arrival of a new class of students. When we are very creative, we can use them to decorate and educate all at once. This project uses a bulletin board that is either inside the classroom or in the hallway, but it can be used all year long. Use the information below to create your math bulletin board.

Math elementary bulletin boards are educational and may include graphs and charts to show the progress of the student. This particular bulletin board project is a bit different. It will show the progress of the students as a group, but can easily be modified to show individual progress if the teacher feels it is needed. Both ways are described here. To create this board you will need the following materials.

  • The curriculum for the year.
  • Various colors construction paper.
  • Math signs
  • Numbers
  • Star stickers
  • Stapler
  • Tack
  • Envelope

Begin by covering the bulletin board in a solid color. The colors you use are completely up to you. Divide the curriculum into sections based on subjects such as addition, fractions and so on. Using a color of construction paper that contrasts with the background, cut small squares or rectangles. Keep in mind that this bulletin board is going to work like a board game. The stars represent the students either individually or as a group. When you cut your squares or rectangles you need to decided if you want to move the “pieces” daily or weekly.

Create a trail with lots of curves and twists in it so it looks like more fun. Mark certain days, such as Fridays as bonus days. These are the days that you will play math games instead of doing worksheets. Cut out and create sheets with various math games on them. These games should be games that can be easily modified to fit any subject as they will be drawn at random. Decorate the board with numbers and equations that correspond with the subject that will be taught that week. Tack an envelope to the board with the bonus day cards in it.

As the school days go by, add stars when you finish each math topic so that they progress along the trail. On the bonus days, allow a student to draw a piece of paper out of the envelope. Play the corresponding game that is on the paper.

Math elementary bulletin boards educate, entertain and show progress. This board will show students how far along they are in the school year and allow them to look forward to playing a math game on bonus days. Like anyone else, young learners enjoy seeing their progress as the summer draws near. They also enjoy mixing fun and education.