Free Education website: Review of What2Learn

Can’t get enough of free sites? Well here is one which may fare you well as a teacher! Teachers can sign up for their own free accounts or even personalize accounts for their students. This website would be great to use during computer time in the classroom or for extra educational knowledge at home.

Little Learners (4 out of 5)

Free printables are available for younger students. These printables include alphabet coloring sheets as well as free certificates. Each alphabet printable includes an uppercase letter and lowercase letter as well as a picture starting with the corresponding letter. For instance for the letter “A” it shows an uppercase “A” to color, a lowercase “a” to color, as well as a picture of an “apple” to color.

Certificates include:

  • Bookwork of the Week (Best reading for the week)
  • Shooting Star Award (Biggest improvements)
  • The Early Bird Award (No latenesses)
  • Helper of the Week (Student who helped the most this week)
  • Star of the Week (Best student of the work)

Online activities are available for the younger students. These games help to achieve alphabet and word recognition through interactive coloring games. The students will not only be expanding their knowledge of phonics but also their art abilities and computer knowledge.

Online Games (5 out of 5)

Not only can students choose from over 2,000 fun filled educational games, but you can design your own games as well! The games are based on several subjects including:

  • Math
  • Science (Biology, Life Sciences, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics
  • English & Literacy
  • Religious Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Spanish
  • French
  • History: Social Sciences
  • Physical Education

UK members also have access to games within these subjects:

· Citizenship

· Design Technology

· Drama and Music

· Geography

The game generator allows the user to choose from several different game forms including:

  • Hangman
  • Word Search
  • Anagram
  • Question & Answer
  • Multiple Choice

Benefits for Students (3 out of 5)

Students with Individual accounts will be given an online portfolio. Within the portfolio their scores and evaluations will be recorded. The fun incentive for students is that they have their very own avatar or what is called your “micon”, which is the student’s very own cartoon character on What2Learn. As students progress and play more games, students will be allowed to get “credits” to “buy” things for their micon.

Overall (5 out of 5)

Yet another wonderful free educational site which would have it’s benefits inside or outside of the classroom. Students will be able to expand their knowledge in fun subject areas at home or be able to play educational games at the computer station in school.