Fun & Interactive Rocks and Mineral Activities for Elementary Students

Fun & Interactive Rocks and Mineral Activities for Elementary Students
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Fascinated With Stones, Pebbles, and Boulders

Kids are naturally interested in rocks. How many times have we witnessed students climbing on large boulders, collecting rocks, or throwing pebbles in the river? Educating sstudents on rocks and minerals is an important and fun part of elementary science curriculum.

The Earth is composed of three main types of rock. The mountains, riverbeds and canyons that beautify our Earth are composed of rocks and minerals. These rocks are forever being changed and transformed through weathering, heat, or volcanic eruptions. The changes leave us with the three main types of rocks, which include sedimentary, ingenious, and metamorphic rocks. Below you will find information on each of these types of rocks, how to identify them and unique lessons and activities that will keep kids curious about rocks and the Earth in which we live. Our experts have put together several rock and mineral lessons, activities and crafts to make learning about sedimentary, ingenious and metamorphic rocks a blast for children of all ages.

Rocks and Minerals Activities and Lessons

Get students excited about our Earth and what it is composed of by using these unique minerals and rocks lesson plans. The activities below use a variety of learning styles to teach children about minerals and rocks. Some lessons include learning about the rock cycle, identification, how rocks are formed, and the three main types of rocks. Activities include holding a rock election, dressing up like the fifties, shaving crayons, and more that are sure to be a big hit in your classroom.


Primary Grades

Igneous Rocks

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Igneous rocks are one of the three main types of rock formations. They result when liquid magma from volcanic eruptions cools and turns into a solid under the ground. The activities below give kids and in-depth look at what creates these rocks, the volcano. Children learn how a volcano is formed, what makes a volcano erupt, and more with these fun, interactive activities.

Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary rocks are created when the rain, snow or wind have washed minerals, sand, and rock particles together. Fossils are animal or plant remains from thousands of years ago. The majority of fossils can be found in sedimentary rocks. Children love studying about fossils and how they are formed by making one of their own, digging for dinosaur bones, and participating in fun experiments. In addition, children will learn about the natural resources that come from fossil fuels and minerals that can be found in and around our Earth.

Studying about our Earth and the minerals and rocks it is made up of is anything but boring. With the right rocks and minerals study, kids will stay fascinated and curious about Earth science. The lessons, activities and crafts above are engaging, unique and a blast for children of all ages.


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