Summer Reading Lists for Grades K-12   (page: 3 of 4)

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  • AP English Summer Reading List Ideas: Teacher Tips and Suggestions
    You've got a new crop of scholars coming your way for next year's AP English Literature course, and you want to prepare them for the class's challenges and difficulties. Read on for the most effective AP English summer reading list ideas.
  • Five Great Summer Reads for Fifth Graders
    During the summer, it is important for kids to read. Reading builds vocabulary and fluency as well as sparks the imagination and builds knowledge. This 5th grade summer reading list contains the type of books that will interest kids and keep them reading while they are not in school.
  • Pre-AP Summer Reading Selections to Prepare for Advanced Placement English
    Pre-AP English reading suggestions. Ideas of great books to read in order to prepare for an AP English class the summer before school begins.
  • Required Reading for 12th Grade English Courses
    While this list may vary slightly state by state, most of these titles make up required reading for 12th grade students. Prepare yourself ahead of time by reading some of these books on break or during the summer.
  • Recommended Reading for 8th Grade Students
    How fortunate that an 8th grade recommended reading list can include so many enjoyable titles that are also relevant to 8th grade experiences! Your students will thank you for sharing these fantastic and unforgettable novels for recommended reading.
  • Summer Reading
    Summer learning loss is statistically proven, but is required summer reading enough to help stop this from happening?
  • Recommended Books for Summer for Ninth Graders
    Summer reading is essential to maintaining learning and development over the long summer months. However, finding books that peak your student's interest and inform them on topics is sometimes challenging. Check out these 9th grade summer reading lists.
  • Reading Ideas for At Risk Students During the Summer
    Many parents struggle with their at risk students, motivating them, as well as engaging in reading activities together. Here are some hints and tips that will benefit the whole family when it comes to reading over the summer.
  • Enjoyable Summer Reads for Young Adults
    Learning that reading is actually quite enjoyable is a feat for many teenagers. Once this occurs, finding books that fit their interests becomes challenging. Here are books to help either develop a love for reading or find books suitable for your teen.
  • Guide to Setting up a Summer Reading Journal for Kids
    Prepare a summer reading journal for students in elementary school and also the higher grades. Learn how to combine parental and community involvement to make this summer the one where the books do not accumulate dust on the shelves.
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