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  • Why You Should Enroll your Child in Swimming Lessons
    If you are looking for activities to keep your children busy over the summer, consider enrolling them in swimming lessons. Swimming is great physical activity that will keep them busy. More importantly, they can use this skill throughout their lifetimes.
  • Preschool Summer Walks: Educational Activity
    Children learn about their world through exploring it. One way to explore is to take daily walks throughout the summer. Read on for summer preschool ideas that make each walk an adventure and teach important skills along the way.
  • Summer Learning Activity: Journal Writing for Kids
    With all the fun packed into summer days from camps to vacations to swimming pools, when will your child practice all the writing skills he or she learned during the year? In order to retain writing skills, students need to practice during the summer, too. Here's an idea on how.
  • Three Summer Projects for Kids
    Are your kids bored just a few weeks into the summer? These three ideas will give kids hands-on experience with different aspects of summer, from sun to sand. They're all great activities for outdoor fun on a hot day!
  • Ideas for Fun Summer Projects for Children
    Want to find a way to occupy your kids and get their creativity flowing this summer? These art projects for kids are fun, easy and they can make great gifts as well.
  • Summer Science: Kids in the Kitchen
    If you live in the southwest as I do, summertime means more time inside as temperatures exceed 110˚. Alternatively, if you and your children have spent enough time outside in the sun and humidity where you live, why not have some fun and learning in the kitchen?
  • Summer Math for Kindergarten and First Grade
    Children have to learn so many math concepts in the early years of school: shapes, patterns, counting, addition, subtraction, sizes, reasoning, problem solving and more. These skills can be easily reinforced at home and often increase your child’s understanding of some concepts.
  • Summer Math for Second and Third Graders
    We use math all the time, even though we may not think about it. Use some practical and fun activities to show your child the importance of math, even during summer break.
  • Fun Summer Projects to Keep Learning Going
    It's summer! Time for kids to run outside and forget everything they've learned over the school year! Wait - it doesn't have to be that way. Keep your kid learning all summer with these educational ideas disguised as play.
  • Statistics on Summer Reading
    It sounds simple; children need to read during the summer months to maintain current reading levels. It's more than common sense though. There are statistics that support the importance of summer reading.
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