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  • New Ideas for Backyard Games
    The nice weather brings many opportunities to play games outdoors. Many outdoor standards, including tag, bocce ball and water-balloon toss, can seem outdated by the time the last days of summer roll around. Keep things fresh and get your whole family involved with these unusual outdoor games!
  • Summer Scavenger Hunts: Fun for Second, Third and Fourth Graders
    Are you having a children’s party, taking a trip or stuck inside on a rainy day? Perhaps you have just heard the words, "I’m bored!" one too many times. Then it is time for a scavenger hunt.
  • 6 Ideas to Get Your Child Reading & Writing Over the Summer
    When they’re out of school, the last thing on most kids’ minds is improving their reading and writing skills. However, this allows for brain drain. Kids can benefit from some extra reading and writing practice while school is out. The trick is to make it fun and as unlike school as possible.
  • Combating Summer Learning Loss
    Summer brain drain is a real concern for teachers and parents. Students who are not actively engaged in some form of academic activity during the summer can lose up to two months worth of knowledge. The good news is that it can be prevented by consistent and continuous engagement.
  • The Importance of Summer Learning
    When summer rolls around, most kids are thinking of sleeping in and playing in the pool. Parents are occupied attempting to keep their kids busy and teachers are concerned that they didn't prepare their students enough for the following year. However, all should be actively fighting braindrain.
  • Square-Foot Gardening: Math and Science Combined
    Summer time is the perfect time to go outside, engage children's senses, and create. Use this opportunity to teach children how things grow. This is a fun lesson to encourage students to participate using a variety of senses as well as learning about gardening fundamentals of math and science.
  • Math Extension Activities for the Summer
    Keeping kids learning over the summer isn't as difficult as we make it out to be. Add some fun and games into the mix and see how much more kids will enjoy doing math over the warmer months.
  • Math & Reading Activities for Preschoolers During the Summer
    Summer is a great time to build on math and reading skills previously learned. While introducing new concepts or improving existing skills is certainly a benefit, the main goal of incorporating summer learning activities should be demonstrating that learning is fun! Here are some terrific ideas:
  • Lessons to be Learned from Geocaching
    One of my son's preschool friends came over with her family for a playdate. I wanted to go for a hike. They suggested a park a couple miles from my house where there were geocaches. What’s a geocache you say? This is a great way to spend time with your family and learn a lot in the process!
  • Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer
    Along with the fun of summer comes your children forgetting much of what they learned during the school year. Try to reverse that trend this year by using some of these summer learning tips geared to elementary-aged students. Create a love of learning in your child!
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