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  • Dia Duit: All About Irish Rosetta Stone, Online Version
    Is Rosetta Stone online a worthwhile tool for learning Irish? Find out in this rated review by Bright Hub Education writer.
  • Learning and Understanding Nouns in Hindi (Sangya)
    Nouns are known as sangya in Hindi. In both languages, English and Hindi, nouns are names of persons, places, things or concepts. There are five types of nouns in Hindi. The article discusses the types of nouns, genders and numbers of nouns. A practice exercise is available as a part of the article
  • Learn Hebrew Online for Free With the Hebrew Vocabulary Guide
    Let's look at the free online resource "Hebrew Vocabulary Guide," hosted by LanguageGuide.org. You can learn Hebrew vocabulary with the aid of hundreds of images accompanied by the written forms of the Hebrew words and flawless pronunciation of the words by native Hebrew speakers.
  • Study an African Language From Home
    Wouldn't it be fun to follow lessons from anywhere in the world, talk to mother-tongue African speakers and pick lesson times to fit your schedule? Outside of actually living in Africa, learning the language online is the next best bet!
  • American Sign Language: Thanksgiving Vocabulary
    Do you want to talk about Thanksgiving in American Sign Language? This article describes some essential signs for discussing the holiday in general as well as the foods commonly served at Thanksgiving dinner. Also included is a free printable download of the signs described in the article.
  • How to Sign Popular Idioms
    A look at some idioms in the American Sign Language. There are many idioms in ASL and, like with idioms in other languages, they are meant to express ideas, thoughts, or opinions quickly. Idioms are often a sort of group-speak and may not always be understood by people outside the group.
  • Learning Useful Hindi Food and Dinner Vocabulary
    Food is a wonderful way of exploring a culture. In this article, you will learn some useful Hindi phrases about having dinner. These might come in handy if you are invited to dinner with a Hindi-speaking family, if you go to an Indian restaurant or if you visit India.
  • Language Software Review: Byki Arabic
    This is a review of the Arabic Byki Express desktop software. This software uses flash cards and audio to teach you Arabic words and phrases. It is a very interesting, fun, and easy way to pick up the Arabic language. If you want to learn Arabic, you ought to give this language software a try.
  • The Pennsylvania Dutch Language: An Interesting and Different English
    "Throw Papa down the stairs his hat" may sound odd to you, but, in the Pennsylvania Dutch language variety of English, it's perfectly normal. Some of the interesting and sometimes very different popular Pennsylvania Dutch phrases are presented here.
  • Using German Clauses Correctly
    Once your German gets better, you will want to speak and write using complex and compound sentences. Here's how!
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