Study & Learning Tips for Parents & Students

Learn techniques for developing and improving your study habits, no matter your age or grade level, from early elementary years to high school and college.  Learn about the different note taking and comprehension strategies you can employ during lecture time and reading assignments, and then settle on one that best suits your learning style and strengths. Best of all, find great tips for staying organized and on top of all your books, assignments, papers and tests, without stressing and without last-minute scrambling.
You can manage your school work load and manage your nerves too, by following the study and learning tips compile here by teachers, professors, college students and education professionals who understand the techniques and study strategies that make the difference between failing, passing and exceling.

How to Study for a Test

Do you have any idea how many people waste precious hours studying the WRONG way for tests? They may just read their notes over and over, or keep on flipping through the pages. Knowing how to study for a test is the first step in acing it. Read on for some great tips on study strategies you can use.