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  • Effective Study Skills: Help for High School Students
    Studying for tests and finals can seem daunting at first, but there are a lot of ways to make your study time go faster and more smoothly. From finding the right location to using notes effectively, here are some tips that prove that study skills and high school students don’t have to be at odds.
  • It's Elementary: Teaching Organizational Skills to Kids
    It is important to find time for teaching organization skills to elementary students - and sports gear provides the perfect opportunity! Here is a tip for how to get the kids organized so that they keep track of the gear they need for team sports and activities.
  • Break It Down and Learn It Backwards: Ace Your Next School Project or Test
    Some students simply hate tests and assignments. They find them hard to finish, hard to do well at, and hard to be motivated about. But with some simple strategies in mind, you can boost your performance in tests and assignments easily. Read on to find out how...
  • Creating a Dichotomous Key
    A Dichotomous Key is helpful for identifying objects or conditions found in the natural world. You can make your own as a fun school project!
  • The Student's Guide to School Projects
    If your teacher has assigned a project, do you have a clue what to do? How are you going to manage working in the group you were assigned? This article will give you some pointers on how to get an A or at least improve your performance in making a school project.
  • The 10 Best Homework Excuses
    Who knows more about good homework excuses than a high school teacher? These aren't just good homework excuses; they're the 10 best homework excuses.
  • Funny Homework Excuses
    Your teachers are getting tired of your boring excuses for not doing homework. Try these funny excuses instead. Your teachers won't believe them, but they might get a good chuckle and cut you a break.
  • The 10 Most Common "I Forgot my Homework" Excuses
    I've been a teacher for, I won't say the exact number of years, but a long time. These common excuses have lost their effectiveness due to their frequent use. Avoid boring your teacher and come up with some new ones (or just do your homework).
  • Helping Your Child with School Projects: How Much Should a Parent Do?
    Elementary school students often have to prepare individual projects for science, history, or art classes. Parents can help their children successfully complete assigned projects in several ways--by purchasing materials, offering guidance with certain tasks, and encouraging time management skills.
  • Summer Reading: What's In It For You?
    Do you feel as if your English teacher gave you a summer reading assignment just to be cruel? Unless you're really unlucky, that's probably not the case. Read on to discover the numerous connections between summer reading and high school achievement. You might be surprised.
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