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  • How to Help Your Child Perform Better in School
    Parents have much to do with their child’s success in school. From establishing daily routines to helping with homework, parent involvement plays a key role in a child’s academic achievements. The following article explains how parents can help their kids do better at school.
  • Math Made Easy Through Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Does your child find it difficult to write and multiply fractions? You can help them learn the rules for multiplying fractions at home with simple hands-on activities. Find out how to make it easy and understandable by using a good recipe and a measuring cup.
  • Fraction Fun: Help Your Child Understand Fractions at Home
    Does your child find it difficult to write and understand a fraction? You can provide fraction help at home using simple hands-on activities for fraction fun! Make it simple and understandable to create fractions and even equivalent fractions using an egg carton and a chocolate chip recipe.
  • Creating a Venn Diagram Graphic Organizer
    Just what is a Venn Diagram graphic organizer, and how can it be used? We cover Venn basics and discuss the 2 circle and 3 circle varieties.
  • Get Ahead With Our Top List of Books For 10th Grade Reading
    You can find a variety of topics and genres in this list for tenth grade. By reading not only your required books, but also these recommended books, you will enhance your school experience and your life.
  • Mental Exercises to Improve Your IQ
    Want to improve your IQ? You may be able to do so through the practice of mental exercises and Yoga breathing methods. Use these exercises to become calmer, more patient and focused on your studies.
  • Speak Up! Tips for Oral Presentations in High School
    Speaking in front of a group is one of the most common fears among students. You can conquer this fear, or at least manage it, by following some simple tips for oral presentations. These tips will help you inform, not bore, your audience in your high school classes.
  • Learning to Read with the Er-u-di-tion Game
    Games make learning fun! If you are looking for games to help your child learn sight words, look no further than Er-u-di-tion. Here, students of all levels will recognize letters, identify letter sounds and begin reading basic sight words...all in the name of fun! Read on to learn more.
  • Reasons Why a High School Education is Important
    Why is a high school education important? That's a question millions of young Americans ask themselves regularly. Isn't it about time we gave them the answers.
  • Kindergartener Writing Prompts
    With these Kindergarten writing ideas, parents and teachers will find several activities for writing practice. They can create writing areas and writing experiences using household items. Students will have so much fun, they may not realize how much writing practice they are receiving.
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