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  • Are Our Kids Really on a Race to Nowhere?
    In 2010 filmmakers from Lafayette, California, created a film called "The Race to Nowhere." This film chronicles the pressures students face in what the filmmakers deem is an "achievement culture." I'm here to say that this is nothing new, and I grew up in Lafayette, I know that pressure too well.
  • "The Law of Success" Journey: 15 Principles to Success
    Have you ever thought of enrolling in a workshop on success? How about undergoing your own? If that sounds great, let Napoleon Hill take you on a journey to success with his book, "The Law of Success."
  • Math Homework Activities: Using The Number Line
    Parents can help their elementary school students learn to add and subtract on a math/number line by planning home activities. Rather than working with a traditional number line written on paper, parents can get creative with a number line race car game, a vertical number line, and a walking line.
  • Four Mnemonic Devices to Help You Remember Facts
    Mnemonic devices are tricks that help you remember concepts and facts in order to successfully complete a test. Learn how to increase your study skills using mnemonics. Four common and easy methods are listed here.
  • Finishing Tasks and Meeting Goals: 5 Tips for Students with ADD/ADHD
    Finishing assignments and meeting deadlines can be a real challenge if you have ADD/ADHD, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. With a few tricks and tips, you'll be sailing through classroom projects in record time and finishing assignments without the first reminder.
  • Motivating Your Child to Learn
    It can be difficult for parents if their child doesn't seem to thrive in school or enjoy learning. However, there are some easy ways to motivate children to do well in school, even if it seems that they do not want to learn.
  • The Cornell Note-Taking System: Taking Notes From Boring to Active
    This article is going to tell you all about how to take Cornell notes. This method, good for high school, college and post graduate, will help you take notes that are much more inclined to stay in your long term memory, encourage better classroom participation, and are great with study groups.
  • Guide to Helping Your Kids with Homework
    This article offers tips on how to help with homework based on the ideas set forth in John Rosemond's book "Ending the Homework Hassle." Parents can learn how to free themselves and their children from the after school headaches of tackling homework while still encouraging their children's success.
  • Make Your Own Study Guide to Learn a Subject
    If your teacher has not handed out a study guide to accompany the lesson, you can and should make your own! This is a wonderful way to gain full mastery over a subject.
  • Become a Better Reader With These Reading Strategies
    This list of reading strategies is designed to help you better understand and apply what you read, whether in a classroom or on your own.
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