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Learn techniques for developing and improving your study habits, no matter your age or grade level, from early elementary years to high school and college. Learn about the different note taking and comprehension strategies you can employ during lecture time and reading assignments, and then settle on one that best suits your learning style and strengths. Best of all, find great tips for staying organized and on top of all your books, assignments, papers and tests, without stressing and without last-minute scrambling.

You can manage your school work load and manage your nerves too, by following the study and learning tips compile here by teachers, professors, college students and education professionals who understand the techniques and study strategies that make the difference between failing, passing and exceling.

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  • Paper Mache: Recipes and Easy Projects
    Paper mache is one of the most versatile craft mediums available. Easy to create and extremely easy to work with, paper mache is a fun, simple and open ended craft project. Try some of these recipes on projects on a rainy day, or use to create projects for school.
  • Online Tutoring: Does it Work?
    There is much talk these days about online tutoring. Many sites make claims that sound great, but how do you know if it will work for your child? Consider the following factors to make the best decision for your child.
  • Mnemonics: Memorizing the Facts you Need
    Though I’ve been fascinated by mnemonics for many years I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in the field. But what I can say is that memory techniques have aided (and abetted!) me for decades. Here are some ideas that might help you at school or in any other walk of life for that matter.
  • Kindergarten: Homework Or Not?
    Is your kindergartener bringing home a folder full of photocopied worksheets for homework each night? Do you struggle with him each day to finish and feel like you're fighting an uphill battle? Many education experts are now questioning the appropriateness of homework for our youngest students.
  • A Guide to Studying High School Subjects: 15 Resources
    High school does not need to be as difficult as you might think. With good study habits, time management and motivation, high school students like you can breeze this stage. Check out this study guide as you strengthen your high school study skills.
  • A Tried and True Method for Practicing Spelling Words
    This Look, Say, Cover, Write spelling method is one frequently used in classrooms around the country. Read more about this quick and easy way to help your child with spelling practice and discover its many other possible applications!
  • 15 Teacher-Approved Online Dictionaries for Kids
    Spelling can be challenging for many young students as well as adults who have seen their spelling skills dwindling in the aftermath of social media restrictions to 140 characters per entry. The creative shorthand used in every day smartphone texting makes correctly spelled words often seem odd.
  • Help Children With ADHD Complete Their Homework in 5 Quick Steps
    Homework struggles, exhausted parents, and worn-out children; sound like your home? If you have a child with ADHD they may need some extra help learning to self-manage homework duties. These five quick steps lead to success for these kids and peace for the home.
  • Get the Most from Your Study Time by Utilizing the Correct Learning Style
    Do you know what type of learner you are? Do you understand school material better when you hear it, or when you read it? What about when you watch a video, or utilize an interactive website? Understanding a little bit about how you learn will help you study smarter, not longer.
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