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  • Common Core Math: What Is It?
    When trying to utilize or explain the Common Core standards, it helps to have a general understanding of what the standards are, how and why they were developed and how they differ from math standards taught in previous years.
  • AP Exams: An Investment in Your Future
    Advanced Placement (AP) exams have exploded in popularity in recent years. It's no wonder why, as these exams can end up saving students time and money by scoring out of some required courses in college.
  • Starting Their Day or Period with Training and a Smile
    Do the beginning of your teaching days seem rushed and disjointed? Are students paying attention and completing their bell-work? If your answer is, "No," these unique steps may help you create a more smoothly run classroom.
  • The Future of iPads and Education
    Will OMR answer sheets and No. 2 sharpened pencils soon be obsolete? How about bulging backpacks overflowing with textbooks? There's a lot of buzz out there on how iPads will change the future of education, but how far off is this future, and will it be available to all school systems and students?
  • Resources Concerning the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)
    The following articles discuss various aspects of the contentious NCLB Act. After nearly a decade, the after effects of this law are now being debated. No child was to be left behind; yet, there are those that will argue otherwise.
  • No Child Left Behind: Are We Losing Sight of What Really Matters?
    After almost ten years, the proof is in the pudding. The No Child Left Behind act signed into law by Mr. Bush in 2002 is a dismal failure. Schools are closing, good teachers have lost their jobs, and the children, the reason for all this, have been left behind wondering why/how they failed.
  • Educate and Evaluate: Find Out About Assessments by Taking Our Quiz
    You probably know all about standardized assessments from your school days. But alternative assessments remain an extremely popular method for teachers to test a learner's interpretation of knowledge. Student evaluations only by IQ tests are a practice of the past.
  • How Were You Taught? Test Your Knowledge of Instructional Strategies
    Do you know how to use classroom time effectively? What teaching method works best for basic skills? Test your knowledge of the most useful teaching strategies.
  • Assessing with PowerPoint and Prezi Presentations
    Creating PowerPoint or Prezi presentations affords students with a medium in which they can creatively demonstrate their understanding of any given subject. Both these presentations allow teachers to assess the student through questions and answers as well as the slide show.
  • Standardized Testing and Cultural Bias
    To some, a test is a test. The results should reflect what it was designed to do, which is to evaluate student knowledge of what was taught. However, not all tests accurately reflect this knowledge. In fact, without the conscious intentions of the writers, many tests do come out culturally biased.
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