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  • Devices to Help Students who are Visually Impaired
    Do you have a special student who is either completely or partially blind? Do you already know the assistive technologies or tools that this student will need? This article will give you ideas on what could be included in the visually-impaired student's IEP.
  • All About Owls - A Fun Animal Art Activity for Children with Vision Impairment
    This fun art activity is great for visually impaired children as it combines learning about animals, art activities and night and day activities - all in the one neat lesson! Use 'Zzz..The book of sleep' as the basis for this literature and art activity for visually impaired children.
  • Teaching Students With Visual Processing Disorder
    What is visual processing disorder and how is it affecting the students in your classroom? By understanding the symptoms you can create effective solutions that will enhance learning for students with this learning disability.
  • Using Graphic Organizers as Visual Aids for Students with Vision Impairments
    In most classrooms, visual aids are posted everywhere in the classroom. Teachers use visual aids to enhance the learning experience for all students. However, students with vision impairments may need additional strategies in knowing how to use visual aids to enhance their learning success.
  • Preparing Visually Impaired Children for Independent Life
    Visual impairment creates hurdles in the path of learning and living independently in our society for students with visual disabilities. Through a combined effort of parents, teachers and communities, children with visual impairments can learn independent living skills.
  • Written Communication for and with the Blind
    Although one tends to think about Braille first when talking about script for the blind, there are other methods too. Learn about Barbier, Moon and Braille.
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