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  • Effective Stuttering Exercises for Children
    Want to know more about therapy for Stuttering? Here are a collection of stuttering exercises for children that can be used by parents or teachers.
  • Teaching Selectively Mute Students
    Children with selective mutism have the inability to speak in social settings due to severe anxiety. School, with the many expectations to interact with peers and teachers, can pose the most difficulties for these children. How can teachers help selectively mute students? Read this article to learn.
  • Help for Non-Verbal Special Ed Children
    Children who are non-verbal lack the ability to communicate in a "normal" way with spoken language. Help is available for non-verbal special ed children in various forms of assistive technology. Such technology may include augmentative alternative communication devices.
  • Speech Therapy Through Reading
    Problems with speech, such as mispronunciation or stuttering, can be embarrassing or frustrating for a child. Check out these books for some helpful rhyming and fun!
  • Understanding and Approaching Stuttering in the Classroom
    Understanding and knowing how to approach a student who stutters takes knowledge on the subject. Equip yourself with specific strategies for helping your student better succeed in the classroom by reading these tips.
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