Educational Technology for Students with Disabilities: Working with AT KidSystems' Software

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Students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms and self-contained learning environments may need additional technological support in order to attain academic success and greater performance based assessments.

In researching software programs for students with disabilities who might be at risk of learning deficiencies, ATKidSystems provides software programs that may be the answer to providing that educational boost in learning for developing learners and students with diagnosed learning disabilities. By providing fun and interactive computer software that addresses the learning needs of students with disabilities, the learning curve can only continue to increase with software usage.

So What is AT KidSystems Software?

  • AT KidSystems offers software called “Cosmos’s Learning Systems (CLS)” allows teachers to create individualized learning opportunities that can quantitatively measure educational growth in designated skill areas from preschool students to higher grade level students with autism and developmental disabilities.
  • With its CLS program, AT KidSystem offers “Mission Control,” a computer activator device that provides easy computer access for students who have difficulty navigating computer tools (i.e. keys and mouse) from task to task. By allowing students to apply kinesthetic motion to the computer activator device, computer tasks become fun and accessible for all users.
  • According to the software developers, the design of “Mission Control includes multiple activator switches, microphone and switch adaptability for the user.” Given this ease of mechanical operation, students can have instant access to fun and educational software as they work on increasing literacy, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • By providing simple navigation to computer steps, students are able to upload the software program and get started immediately learning to develop and measure skills and increase academic performance.
  • For pre-school students and students with disabilities who are working to enhance developmental skills, ATKidSystems provides a variety of software that is aligned with the assistive outcomes of student’s IEPs (Individualized Education Plan) and 504 plans in mainstream classrooms.
  • Included in the software package are literary and math manipulatives to enhance the learning experience and a curriculum guide that can be individualized to specific student learning needs.
  • For information on additional inclusive software that addresses the educational needs of students with disabilities, contact the educators at for student and teacher guides on software that will provide students with the learning edge and educational access in the classroom.