List of Major Components Of The IEP (Individualized Education Program) For Students with Disabilities

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In writing an IEP (Individualized Education Program), there are major components that must be contained in the actual document. In outlining those components, it is important to also include additional IEP considerations relevant to student academic and behavioral performance in school communities.

  • Narrative and quantitative current levels of performance (CLOP)

  • Include diagnostic results of Brigance testing-given every year

  • Current progress performance in academic and behavioral support in student interventions

  • Narrative teacher feedback on student class inclusion

  • Progress reports within the school year mailed to parents and given to students

  • Student scores on state standardized assessments

  • Learning and behavioral goals and objectives

  • Quantifiable and measurable goals-Brigance testing and teacher feedback

  • Transitional plan-postsecondary education-include internships and vocational education plans

  • Placement-Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

  • Appropriate placement consistent with IEP diagnostics of skill levels and current performance

  • Placement in core and elective classes, internship options, community resources, and transitional program options

  • Written explanation of placement choices including rationale and quantifiable information on skills and behaviors supporting LRE placements

  • IEP service dates and accommodations

  • Written dates of services and types of inclusions-make sure that IEP meeting takes place with all parties included

  • Include related services such as transportation-(door to door; regular bus service)

  • Additional accommodations-supplementary supports (speech, behavioral interventions) and assistive technology needs.

  • Placement modifications and curriculum modifications-be specific in types of modification and provide written rationale

  • Required signature page

  • Page must contain all relevant signatures. Start meeting with signatures and end meeting with second check of signatures and any changes requested in IEP

  • Include email request or written request for all participants to attend meeting

  • Parent participation is necessary-send written invitation to parents at least three times per certified mail. If parents cannot attend meeting, conduct a phone conference and include that information on the IEP. Send parents a copy of the completed IEP via certified mail and indicate date mailed (within three days of the meeting) and IEP case manager initials sending the IEP)