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Familiar With Special Education's IEP Process? Take Our Quiz to Reacquaint Yourself

written by: David Graham Farnsworth • edited by: Linda M. Rhinehart Neas • updated: 4/29/2015

Do you realize that writing an IEP involves a number of people? Each of them contribute details about carrying out the learning plan for a special education learner. Test what you know about the IEP legal document writing process that leads to an appropriate child placement decision.

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    Educators, parents, paraprofessionals and others all play a collaborative role in creating the Individual Education Plan (IEP) through a step-by-step meeting process. An IEP is a legal document required for students with disabilities. The quiz helps you realize a disabled learner remains assured of an appropriate education alongside non-disabled students.

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    Familiar With Special Education's IEP Process?


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