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What Should the General Education Mainstreamed Teacher Know? Test Your IEP and Special Education Law Knowledge

written by: David Graham Farnsworth • edited by: Linda M. Rhinehart Neas • updated: 4/14/2015

Through mainstreaming, students with or without disabilities learn to appreciate and understand each other by learning in the same classroom. Mainstreaming promotes self-confidence, greater independence and new skills in special education students.

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    With inclusive education, the new general education teacher with mainstreamed kids may be overwhelmed by special education laws and IEP particulars. Students that are mildly and moderately disabled are mainstreamed – or placed in regular education classrooms – in the least restrictive environment to better their academic performance. The quiz promotes your understanding of mainstreaming and the state and federal laws that govern its effectiveness.

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    Test Your IEP and Special Education Law Knowledge


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