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  • Using Makaton Signs - The Getting Dressed Game
    This is a fun game for teaching skills related to getting dressed. Makaton signs are used to support the dressing game, as children learn the Makaton vocabulary for various clothing and dressing words. All you need is a big bag of funny clothes!
  • Practice Makaton Signing For a Weather Words Activity
    Makaton is a great special education tool for teaching life skills. It aids communication and provides a visual prompt for a verbal / auditory signal. Non-hearing impaired students can also benefit from Makaton, and this fun weather signs activity shows you how.
  • Management Strategies to Help Hearing Impaired Students
    Provide assistive accommodations to address the hearing impairment issue, teachers can minimize student distractions and off-task behavior in the classroom.
  • Devices for the Hearing Impaired
    You've found yourself teaching a classroom that includes one or more students who have a hearing impairment. Before joining that IEP team, you should have a background knowledge of what assistive technologies and devices will be needed by students with hearing impairment.
  • ASL - origin, basics and the topic 'shopping'
    Watch a video, see how 'shopping' is expressed in sign language and learn about the basics and origin of sign language. (ASL)
  • Teaching Hearing-Impaired Children: Tips and Suggestions
    Hearing impairment covers a range of levels, from children who have a mild hearing loss to those who are totally deaf. Teachers need a number of strategies to work well in the classroom as well as in the outdoor setting with hearing impaired children.
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