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  • Four Educational Sign Language Games to Play on the Web
    Looking for a way for your child or student to learn some American Sign Language (ASL) signs online? Here are a few websites that have some fun, educational ASL games to play during free time, center time or anytime.
  • How to Teach Students With Hearing Impairments When Mainstreaming
    Students with hearing impairments are often mainstreamed into regular classrooms. What types of easy accommodations can you do in your classroom to help students succeed and continue to work on grade level? Parents and special education teachers can help regular classroom teachers with support.
  • Activities for Deaf Students
    Find out more about how to reach children who are deaf. Activities like the ones suggested in this article can help improve communication, language and social skills.
  • Learn American Sign Language: Stokoe Notation
    Stokoe Notation was invented by the Gallaudet College Professor Dr. William Stokoe. As the first phonemic script in the history of the American Sign Language, it caused quite a stir. It proved that ASL sign language was a language by itself, on par with oral languages.
  • ASL SignWriting
    SignWriting is a mode of writing American Sign Language and other sign languages. It is easy to learn, can be used on a computer with a special software, and is used to publish newsletters. It is used by the Deaf community in thirty-eight countries.
  • Use Sign Language For Your Mother on Mother's Day
    Explore this list of American sign language (ASL) gestures for Mother's Day. Remember you don't have to sign entire sentences to make yourself understood, just the relevant phrases. Tell your mom to have a Happy's Mother's Day!
  • Tips for Successful Inclusion of Deaf Children in Language Arts Instruction
    Children who are deaf or hearing impaired are often mainstreamed into the regular classroom, including during language arts instruction. Students can have a successful experience with help from the classroom teacher and peers.
  • How to Fingerspell: An Alternative to American Sign Language
    Fingerspelling is a communication method used by deaf communities along with American sign language (ASL). It involves forming words with manual alphabets. This article contains a link to an American Sign Language desktop wallpaper image.
  • Swimming Lessons For Children With Hearing Impairment
    Swimming lessons in school are a fabulous activity for almost all children. However, if you have a hearing-impaired student, there are a few considerations from a teaching point of view. This article explores the dos and don'ts.
  • Makaton Signs - Playing Numbers Games
    There are lots of fun ways of teaching numbers and counting with Makaton. This article shows you some fun numbers games to use in special education teaching to build Makaton vocabulary skills.
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