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  • Four Fun Games to Teach Sentence Structure in Spanish Class
    The Imperative or Command form of a sentence is used in any language to give and follow directions or instructions on a daily basis. The Past Tense is also used quite frequently. Enjoy the four Spanish sentence structure fun games presented here.
  • Classroom Activity to Practice Ser vs. Estar: Describing Famous People
    On paper, the differences between "ser" and "estar" seem easy to memorize. But students often struggle when it's time to use these "to be" verbs in original sentences. Describing famous people (and their actions) in class helps your students practice choosing the right verb on a well-known quantity.
  • Spanish Interrogatives Lesson
    This lesson is a primer for beginners in Spanish, an admonition with examples and an encouragement to learn these powerful words as separate vocabulary items, giving them the special attention they need and deserve.
  • Making Spanish Ordinal Numbers Easy and Fun to Learn
    Although mastering numbers in order is not a very difficult task, there is so much more to understanding numeric values in another language. Numbers are not read the same way when they are ordinal numbers or part of a whole as in a fraction. Here is how to use numbers in Spanish.
  • Understanding the Differences Between 'ser' and 'estar'
    The problems surrounding the differences in usage of these two verbs have caused unnecessary problems. This brief lesson plan explains, with some examples, a way to help your students escape from the confusion.
  • A Unit Plan on La Ropa - Your Clothing!
    Learning about "la ropa" is as essential to communicating in Spanish as it is in everyday life. A unit plan on "la ropa" should include not only information on vocabulary words referring to clothing but also Spanish word usage with fun ideas for practice and perfection.
  • A Classroom Activity for Teaching Present Tense Verb Conjugations in Spanish
    Your Spanish students will enjoy using games to break up the headache of learning a new language. All you need for this simple game is a six-sided die for every three students in class. Your students will get to interact as they review and practice conjugating basic verbs.
  • A Classroom Activity for Teaching Present Tense Verb Conjugations in Spanish: Word Games
    Mastering verb conjugations is one of the most difficult steps toward fluency in any language, and mastering present tense verb conjugations is the first major hurdle your Spanish students will encounter. This activity gives them a chance to let you know where they need the most practice.
  • Lesson Plan for Teaching the Impersonal in Spanish
    The following article describes a lesson plan including a practice exercise for teaching the construction of the impersonal in Spanish to first year Spanish language students. Also included are examples to illustrate the Spanish impersonal.
  • A Classroom Activity: Practice with Spanish Reflexive Verbs
    Sometimes the best way to sort out when verbs are or aren't reflexive is to jump in with both feet. This activity gives your students a chance to experience and illustrate, first-hand, the difference between the same verb when it's used reflexively and when it isn't.
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