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  • Spanish Interrogative Determining Adjectives
    The essential keys to speaking another language are clear understandings of concepts and practice. This lesson goes over interrogative determining adjectives to get students understanding and practicing quickly!
  • Spanish Indefinite Determining Adjectives
    Determining adjectives don’t have to be overwhelming. Use this lesson plan series to help your Spanish learners work through indefinite determining adjectives.
  • Spanish Numeral Determining Adjectives
    Determining adjectives do just as their names imply, determine! Teach your students how to clarify using numeral adjectives in Spanish through the help of this lesson.
  • Spanish Possessive Determining Adjectives
    There are many different ways to use determining adjectives, but don’t let that overwhelm you. These plans will work students through them in a methodical and meaningful way. This lesson is on Spanish Possessive Determining Adjectives.
  • Spanish Determining Adjectives - Demonstrative
    Determining adjectives are an important concept for the acquisition of Spanish as a second language. Ensure student comprehension with these fun lesson plans!
  • Activity for Teaching and Practicing Spanish Interrogative Words
    Most Spanish I students start learning basic interrogative words on the first day of class, usually by asking how someone is or what his name is. During these first few lessons the focus is more on memorizing the expressions than actually deconstructing each sentence.
  • Interactive Spanish Classroom Activity to Teach and Practice Telling the Time
    Teaching your students how to tell time in Spanish is also a chance for them to practice conversational Spanish. In the following activity, your students will conduct simple conversations using present tense verbs and talking about what time it is.
  • Spanish Class Activity for Family Member Nouns with Basic Verbs
    Most Spanish instructors tackle teaching family member nouns after their students have learned a few basic verbs, such as "ser," "estar," "tener" and how to conjugate -ar verbs. This activity introduces family-related vocabulary while refining and reinforcing the proper use of descriptive verbs.
  • A Comprehensive List of Intermediate Spanish Lesson Plans
    Never be lost for a lesson again! Collected here are 43 articles with lesson plans for intermediate Spanish classes. Topics range from grammar and parts of speech, verb tenses and vocabulary to lesson plans focusing on culture and conversation practice.
  • A Guide to Beginning Spanish
    Teaching Spanish through games and songs is one way to help students become increasingly familiar with pronunciation and the meaning of words and phrases. Holidays and other activities also lend themselves to making the connection with traditional lesson plans while having fun!
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