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  • Move Over Tums, There’s a New Titration in Town!
    Real-life applications are always a great sell in any class, but they’re pure gold in a class like chemistry. Abstract concepts ooze out of any chemistry text, so helping a student see “why this matters" yields many rewards.
  • Jazz Up your Sig Dig Lesson!
    Help the topic of Sig Digs come to life with an easy, stimulating activity. Get students out of their seats and let them put the concepts you just taught into action. There is an activity that you can do with your students to familiarize them with the use of significant digits in the laboratory.
  • How to Take Care of Tadpoles in the Classroom
    In many of my high school biology classes, we will raise our own frogs from tadpoles to adults! Not only is this a hands-on learning experience for the kids, frogs are cute and fun too. Learn how to care for your own classroom frogs.
  • Chemistry Lab Safety: Tips for Student Participation
    Chemistry teachers have a responsibility to keep their students safe in lab. To avoid injury (and potential lawsuits) get all your students on board with basic safety precautions. These tips should help!
  • NOVA's The Diamond Deception: Use It in Your Chemistry Classroom
    Teaching students about different bond types can be boring, unless you incorporate real-life examples and interesting media. This article series shows you how to take covalent bonding to new levels in your chemistry classroom.
  • A is for Atom Video Questions
    This article contains questions and answers for the Video, "A is For Atom," found on YouTube. Put forth by GE in the early 1950's, it contains a little propaganda and a bunch of science. It is an excellent teaching tool for anyone teaching a unit in nuclear chemistry.
  • A Favorite Video From Childhood Helps Teach Motion & Forces
    At a certain age, what is old becomes new again. Students in the 9th grade will be excited to watch a program from their childhood, and teachers will be thrilled with the learning that accompanies it. Show the Magic School Bus Plays Ball as part of your study of motion and forces.
  • "What’s Wrong with Methamphetamines?": A Video Review
    "What’s Wrong with Methamphetamines?" is a video distributed by Discovery Education. Designed for high school students, this video proposes to educate them on the dangers of using the drug. The 24-minute video has nine segments.
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