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  • Biology Lesson Plan: Evolution, Unity, and Diversity
    This lesson plan will aid in the teaching of the second section of the first chapter in biology. Evolution, unity, and diversity are all covered in this preliminary chapter of the biology textbook. Read here for ideas on reaching your students in the classroom in these subjects.
  • Biology Lesson Plan: Exploring Life on Many Levels
    This lesson plan helps teachers effectively teach the material of the first section of the first chapter. Exploring life on many levels allows the students to study biology from cells and DNA to how organisms act within larger levels of organization.
  • It's Getting Hot in Here! Observing the Color of Metals Using The Flame Test
    One of the most exciting visual lab projects in high school science labs is observing the color of metals using the "Flame Test." Looking at color absorption in Chemistry is an important concept in identifying unknown substances. Metals in mixtures and substances have signature fingerprint colors.
  • Biology Lesson Plan: The Process of Science and the Scientific Method
    This article will give a lesson plan for the second section of the first chapter in biology. The scientific method as the process of science is a very important aspect within biology, as seen in this beginning chapter. This lesson plan will give ideas for the presentation of the important subject.
  • Biology Lesson Plans: Teaching Meiosis
    If you’ve ever tried teaching meiosis, and lesson plans just don’t seem to catch your students’ attention, try this unique method. This lesson uses discovery learning to spark your students’ interest in the biological process of meiosis.
  • Acid-Base Buffer Lab for High School Chemistry
    A laboratory exercise is presented in which students make their own buffer. Background information and instructions on how to create the lab are included, with pre-requisites and post-instruction ideas offered.
  • Put the Boom Back into your Room
    Chemistry teachers can use an online fireworks video from TeacherTube to capture student interest while you teach electron configuration. A video question and answer sheet are provided in this article.
  • Fun Games to Play in Chemistry Class
    Are your students nodding off during chemistry class? Try some of these exciting chemistry games to liven up your classroom.
  • High School Science Webquest: Oil Refining
    Use this webquest to extend student knowledge of mixture separation. Compare concepts learned in the classroom to real-world economic situations. Take this teachable moment to help students understand the intensive process required to get gasoline ready for use, as well as other petroleum products.
  • Eggium: A Ficitious Element Helps you Teach Atomic Mass
    This simple yet informative activity will show your students how atomic mass is calculated. Only requiring a few minutes of prep and minimal supplies, it will pay you back tenfold with the understanding it generates for this difficult concept.
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