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  • Explore the Ocean World: Outline for High School Oceanography Project
    This Oceanography project provides an outline for students to organize their research on underwater engineering, plant and animal studies, ocean currents and underwater research vessels. A series of lessons will allow students to create their final project and make a presentation to the class.
  • Friction, Gravity and Motion: Interactive Inertia Activities
    This list of fun inertia experiments will allow students to experiment with friction and motion. They'll gain a better understanding of how these forces impact their daily lives.
  • The Effects of Drugs on the Brain
    Want to teach your students about how drugs affect the brain? This effects of drugs on the brain lesson plan goes over how different drugs affect various neurotransmitters and provides activities that you can use in the classroom.
  • Ideas for Chemistry Projects: Silly Putty
    Silly putty is a fun toy that everyone has at least one memory of from his or her childhood. Making silly putty on your own is simple and tons of fun. It's a great chemistry project that doesn't require hard-to-get materials or harsh chemicals but instead can be made from store-bought items.
  • Two High School Ecology Projects to do in Class
    These two high school projects focus on ecology and the environment and are simple to do in class. Teach students how to identify organisms in a pond water community and how to correctly place the organisms on a food web.
  • Field Astronomy: Clock System and Angle Measurement
    Taking the whole class for a lesson on star gazing? It's always difficult to point out a particular star when you have a lot of students to handle. Here is something that will help you in that task. The clock system and angle estimation using your hands can be really handy on astronomy field trips.
  • Diffraction Experiment: How Close Are the Grooves on a CD?
    The subject of light must be studied with experimentation and observation. This simple experiment shows how to use a laser and ruler to measure the spacing of grooves on a CD.
  • The Effect of Risk and Toxicology on Human Health: A Science and Health Lesson Plan
    What are the types of hazards that people face everyday? What is health toxicology and how do scientists measure it? How can risks be estimated, managed and reduced to provide the best allocation of finite resources? This science and health lesson plan will answer these questions for your students.
  • Fun Biology Experiment: Planaria Regeneration
    Body regeneration is the ability of an organism to replace its lost body part. This is not observed in humans but observed in the flatworm planaria. If you think your students would like to see a worm regrow it's head, try this experiment!
  • Building a Mousetrap Car to Demonstrate Kinetic Energy
    Students will build a mousetrap car to demonstrate kinetic energy. In this science lesson plan, middle school and high school students will research a car design, acquire the materials for the car, build the mousetrap car and then explain how the car demonstrates the properties of kinetic energy.
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