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As students, we study science from our earliest years in elementary school to our final years in high school. A required component of many state-wide standardized assessments and diploma programs, science is wide and varied, covering many fields of study, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, physics, zoology and more.
Here Bright Hub Education offers homework help that encompass many of those fields of study, and includes science facts, study guides, and explanations to help you better understand the subject matter you are reviewing in school. You’ll find science help for all grade levels, from grade school to college prep, as well as tips to help you memorize the basic foundations in each topic you review.

Is evolution a fact or a theory?

In the creation vs. evolution debate, this is a big question. To understand the answer, it is important first to understand what the term “theory” means in science. Evolutionary biologists say that evolution is both a fact and a theory.