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  • How Honeybees Show Up On Your Dining Table
    A honeybee should wear a little bodysuit of tights with a big “S” on the chest and flaunt a little red cape anoint her as “Super Bee!” Why? She’s a super worker, a super honey-maker and a super pollinator. Learn more about these social and cooperative insects.
  • Do Ants Body Build? Weight-Lifting Miracles and More
    Ants are the most numerous creatures on earth. One could say their very goal is devoted to the mass production of new nest mates for the Queen or mother colony. They take time to grow up but once in motion, are difficult to stop. Learn more about these fascinating creatures.
  • Bacteria, Germs and Antibiotics: Science Study Guide
    Bacteria are everywhere, but does that mean we need to wipe, spray and scrub every surface and inch of your body with antibacterial soaps, gels and creams? Learn about good and bad bacteria as well as the best ways to protect yourself from the harmful variety.
  • Near or Far: Eyesight Determinations and What They Mean
    The eye is complicated, yet divine and sleekly designed. Since you only get one pair of peepers and they are the hardest working yet totally disregarded and unappreciated organ in your body, here are some answers to help you gain respect for this genius sensory organ.
  • Can Elephants Sniff Out Landmines? and Other Curiosities
    To most, elephants are simply the largest animal. To animal power users, they are skilled engineers; to farmers, crop-raiding pests; and to big game hunters, man’s biggest challenge. We will examine the true nature of elephants and learn some about their capabilities and dangers.
  • Teflon: the History and Story of a Slippery Beginning
    Many inventions have been the consequence of a “Eureka!” moment. These ideas have come about as the result of someone who was able to see what everyone else had seen, but went on to think what nobody else had thought. Such is the case with a product that swept the world, Teflon.
  • Sleep Cycles: What Goes On?
    You travel to another dimension daily, a wondrous land limited only by your imagination. Typically, we all spend about one-third of our lives asleep, but what do we know about sleep and what actually happens while we are asleep?
  • The Choreography of Dragonflies
    Dragonflies are cool. Like all insects, they have six legs and a body in three parts: head in front, thorax in the middle and abdomen in the rear. But here’s the best part. Dragonflies have two sets of wings instead of one, and can fly as fast as a car tooling down the highway!
  • Earth Awareness: What Happens in a Landfill?
    Banana peels, paper towels, plastic wrappers and more. Have you ever wondered what becomes of all the stuff you toss in the garbage can? Learn how trash ends up in landfills and what becomes of it once it reaches its final destination.
  • Backyard Bully: Wasps and Their Habits
    Unlike their relatives the honey bees, wasps do not have many devoted fans. In this introduction to wasps, learn about where the often-unwanted insects live, what they eat and how their stings affect humans and other animals.
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