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  • Three Fabulous Simple Machine Projects for Kids
    These simple machines are perfect for a class project or an elementary school science fair, and use common household projects that you can easily gather.
  • Explaining the Control in a Science Experiment
    A vital part of most science experiments is the control. What is a control in a science experiment, you may ask. Learn more about controls and how to use them in your own experiments for better, more accurate results.
  • An Experiment in Forensic Identification - Just for Kids
    An ink pad, candy, cocoa and a water glass: That's all it takes to turn into a master sleuth with the science experiments outlined here. Practice the skill of taking and identifying fingerprints. You'll be surprised at how low tech yet effective this fun experiment is.
  • Three Types of Landform to Create for Science
    A landform is a geographic feature that appears on the surface of the earth. Examples are simple features such as mountain, plain or valley. Try these three ideas to create a landform project of your own.
  • Six Quick Experiments to Make With Food & Other Household Items
    You will probably find these simple ingredients at home in your kitchen cupboard. Try these three chemistry experiments at home!
  • Using Sugar to Conduct a Chemical Change
    This experiment has some sweet results that will teach you a little about sugar and a lot about chemical change. Be sure to read the notes and brush up on the differences between physical and chemical change before proceeding.
  • How to Make a Paper-Mâché Tree
    A paper-mâché tree is a fun project that will give a real sense of achievement when completed. Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to create the basic tree, and in details such as foliage and a realistic-looking ground cover, and then make it specific to your project needs.
  • How to Build a Diorama: Shoebox Projects
    Building a diorama is a common assignment for grade school students. Fortunately, this is a fun and easy assignment that can be done using a shoebox and other items you have at home! Learn how to here.
  • Make a Terrarium: Cool Science Project
    Make your own terrarium either for a school project or just for fun! Experiment with different kinds of plants and create your own little ecosystem. Simple step-by-step directions are included here.
  • Two Methods to Determine an Object's Center of Gravity
    Find out what center of gravity is and how it works. Then, put it to the test yourself with a center of gravity experiment. Between two easy, hands-on experiments using standard household items, you can determine the center of gravity of any object, regular or irregularly shaped.
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