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  • Growing Crystals Science Project
    Grow crystals in a manner that is fun and simple for elementary and middle school students. By showing children the process behind this development, teachers are able to teach them more complicated crystal formations.
  • Two Ideas For Creating a Great Science High School Fair Project
    If you have a high school science fair coming up and need some tips on how to create a great project, then look no further. You'll find some useful suggestions right here.
  • How It Melts: A Science Project on Ice Cubes and Ice Cream
    If you love ice cream, here are three science projects you will not want to pass up. Ice cubes are going to challenge ice cream; two flavors will race, and crushed ice will see if it is a match for ice cream in these experiments dealing with melting. It's hard to believe you are learning!
  • Goodness Gracious Gravity! 6 Science Project Ideas
    Interested in doing some experiments on gravity? Gravity makes a great subject for a science fair project. These ideas are perfect for grade school, middle school and high school level students.
  • Create a Forest Diorama: Fun Ways to Learn Geography and More
    There are many different types of forests; creating a diorama is a fun way to learn about the geography, topography and animal life in a specific forest environment. First you'll discover about the plants, animals and weather associated with the types of forests, then you can build your own model.
  • Four Ways to Make a Step Pyramid
    Step pyramids were ancient stone structures built in Egypt as well as in several other places around the world. You can create your a model-size pyramid at home in several different ways.
  • Steps to Make a Diorama of a Biome
    There are many different types of biomes in the world, so you have a lot of choice when it comes to creating a diorama. Find some help picking which biome to create and then learn how to pull all the elements together.
  • Making a Terrarium or a Diorama as a Science Project
    Create a habitat by building a terrarium with live plants and animals or creating an artistic diorama. Both habitats encourage you to think about what food, water, shelter and space an animal needs to survive, and while providing an excellent learning experience, are great fun.
  • Three Cool Science Experiments With Bread Mold
    You've seen them before: Those fuzzy, green-gray spots that show up on food after it's been hanging around your fridge for too long. They look gross, smell worse and ruin any chance you had of enjoying a peanut butter sandwich. However, they do provide the perfect opportunity for some experiments!
  • A Simple Hurricane Science Experiment
    Wondering about the weather? Make your own hurricane at your house with empty soda bottles! This article explains how it works.
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