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  • Teddy Bears: A Preschool Teacher's Guide
    The teddy bear is a cuddly animal that is loved by all. These little bears even have their own special day in October, the birthday of their namesake, Teddy Roosevelt, which is October 27. Learn how to incorporate this cute and cuddly bear into fun activities and lessons for your preschool class.
  • It's the Gingerbread Man! Math Ideas for Preschool Classrooms
    Practice math skills using the classic story of the Gingerbread Man. Your students will have a great time working on number recognition, counting, graphing, measurement, and basic addition and subtraction concepts.
  • Hop To It! Teaching Preschoolers About Frogs
    Are you looking to help your preschoolers explore the world of frogs? Amphibians can be very fascinating creatures to learn about. Discover the life of a frog through fun activities and lessons that are sure to please your little ones.
  • An Educator's Comprehensive Guide to Faith-Based Lessons for Preschool Learning
    Whether you are an educator, children's ministry leader, or concerned parent, you may find sourcing Christian based lessons to preschoolers challenging. At Bright Hub, we have done the legwork for you and created a comprehensive guide to lessons for these little learners written by our experts.
  • By The Numbers: Preschool Math Activities
    Preschoolers learn best when they are actively engaged in an activity or lesson. This is true of all preschool subjects, math included. Planning math activities for preschoolers may feel like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be when you think "interactive".
  • Sing! Sing! Sing! A Guide to Preschool Songs, Poems and Fingerplays
    Get ready to get your class moving to the beat with this collection of songs, poems and fingerplays designed especially for these little learners. Whether your class needs to learn their ABCs or sight words or you just want to celebrate a special season or holiday, you'll find an activity to suit.
  • Travel to the Top of the World! Preschoolers Learn About Arctic Animals
    What do animals need to survive in the ice, snow and bitter cold of the Arctic? Using these provided resources, preschool age children will learn about some specially adapted animals . They will do some movement activities and more.
  • Red, Yellow and Blue, Oh My! A Guide to the Colors All Around Us
    Immerse your preschoolers into colors each day with a variety of lessons, games and activities. Helping children notice the endless array of colors in their environment nurtures development in a variety of ways.
  • 8 Ways to Make Preschoolers Feel Royal: A Thematic Unit
    Children are fascinated with castles, jewels, dragons, and persons of royalty. This year give your preschoolers a taste of royalty with a preschool theme on kings and queens that will transform your classroom into a royal kingdom. King of the castle and musical thrones are a few ideas listed here.
  • A Guide to Preschool Outer Space Lessons
    Preschoolers will have a blast with the stars, the moon and the sun space-themed preschool lessons that focus on everything outer space! For an out-of-this-world learning experience, teachers can create activities that go together with important skills taught in preschool: math, science and art.
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