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  • The First Thanksgiving: A Preschool Lesson Using Books and Activities
    Many preschoolers think of Thanksgiving just as a day to eat turkey and visit with family. With the help of two great picture books, your preschool students will learn about the reasons we celebrate this November holiday. One is more historical in content; the other is a picture book more for fun.
  • Counting On Pumpkin Seeds: A Preschool Math Lesson
    When you clean out your pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern, don't throw away the seeds! With a little preparation, they make great math counters. Use this fun pumpkin seed math lesson as a part of pumpkin or plant unit.
  • A Guide to Creative Preschool September Themes
    September is a busy month of getting to know your new students who are probably very eager young learners. Creating themes in your classroom is an excellent way to engage these students and provide them with a sensory rich learning experience.
  • Five Days of Back to School Activities for Preschool
    Preschoolers’ love to role play about school activities, such as: role playing as a teacher, a school bus driver, writing with pencils, carrying backpacks and lunch boxes. Get students excited about learning this year with these back to school activities.
  • Teaching Preschool Children About St. Patrick's Day
    Are you ready to share St. Patrick's Day with your preschoolers? I hope so! There are so many ways to build a unit around this holiday, but first you'll need the facts. The following facts are just what you need to know before the big day.
  • Four Games to Celebrate Valentines Day in the Preschool Classroom
    Young children love to play games, and they love to celebrate the holidays. Play some of these preschool Valentines Day games to keep them entertained while burning off some of that excess energy!
  • A Long Winter's Nap: Guide to Teaching Grades K-1 About Hibernation
    Teaching your preschool students about hibernation can be a difficult task to accomplish; they may not understand the concept right away. With the use of these lessons and activities your students will gain a better perception of what it's all about.
  • Getting Wild: Preschool Lessons & Activities About the Zoo
    If you teach preschool, zoo animals and their characteristics are a must-teach subject for your youngsters! Just about all children are fascinated with these animals. Learn ideas, lessons, activities and crafts that you can implement into your zoo curriculum.
  • Our Animal Friends: Preschool Pet Themes and Ideas
    When we own a pet, whether a dog, cat or frog for that matter, they become part of our daily lives and we eventually grow so attached that they are like having another family member. Here are some lesson ideas and creative suggestions for preschool pet themes for the classroom and even home.
  • In the Great Green Room...Goodnight Moon Teaching Ideas
    The classic story Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is a bedtime favorite for preschoolers and one to add to the repertoire. Learn fun activities that go with the book that will make the story come to life in the classroom. You will find creative ideas and lessons that will complement the story.
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