Preschool Activities for Opposites

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Opposites in Preschool

These preschool activities for opposites will work best after you have taught the concept of opposites. Help reinforce your students’ learning using these fun and easy activities.

Opposite Box

Materials for Activity

  • Items that are opposite
  • Small box
  • Timer (optional)

Procedure for Activity

This activity will reinforce the concept of opposites. Bring in a box and several items that are opposite to each other. Some suggestions for items are something long and short, big and small, and old and new. You can also put in pictures of things that are hot and cold, wet and dry, and happy and sad. Use whatever pairs you would like.

Show students the box and how to use it. You can do several things with the box. You can set it up as a center during center time. You can also use the box to play a game. Call students up one at a time or in pairs. Have them match up opposite pairs. Time them while they are doing this. See which student or pair of students can match up the all the opposite pairs the fastest.

Another fun option for this activity is to take turn sending the opposite box home with your students. Have them fill the box with opposite pairs they find in their house. If they have trouble finding actual items, allow students to draw pictures for the box. Have them come in the next day and show the class what they put in the opposite box.

Opposite Card Game

Materials for Game

  • Opposite flash cards
  • Timer

Procedure for Game

You can make or purchase opposite flash cards. They are easy to make using blank note cards or pieces of cardstock. For this game, you will need common opposite pairs on separate cards. Write one part of the antonym pair on a card. Then, write the other part of the pair on another card. For example, write the word top on one card, and then write the word bottom on another card. Each card will need a picture. You can either draw a picture or find and print an image. If you print images, simply cut them out and glue them onto the cards.

Students will love that this game gets them up and moving. Give each student a card and have them place it face down in front of them so that they cannot see what is on the card. Next, have them turn the card over so they can see what word they have. Then, have them get up and go find who has the other part of the opposite pair. Time them to see how fast everyone can find the person who has the opposite matching card. You can let them play again with different cards and time them to see if they can beat their previous time.

This game can also be used in a center. Simply stack the cards and have students match up the opposites.

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