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  • Make a Poinsettia Craft with Your Preschoolers
    Poinsettias are a cheerful flower - which ever the year-end holiday you are celebrating. This poinsettia is made from construction paper and includes a free downloadable PDF template for the petals. The pattern can easily be cut out with safety scissors. Pictures show every step.
  • Name Recognition Ideas and Activities for Preschoolers
    For preschoolers, learning to recognize familiar names is one of the first, important steps toward becoming a reader. How can you, as the clasroom teacher, help your students make these connections?
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider Teaches Literacy
    "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" is a favorite song with young children everywhere. Try these correlating activities while singing the song to help preschoolers work on phonological awareness, comprehension and sight word recognition.
  • Creative Preschool Circle Time Activities
    Starting your day with a circle time routine is a great way to get your preschoolers ready to learn. Discover creative ideas to make circle time fun. Use these resources to help you devise a fun learning environment during the morning routine.
  • An Entire List of Creative Crafts for Playgroup
    Running a playgroup is never an easy undertaking. You want the little ones to have a nice time, but are also aware that teaching them things as they move on to kindergarten is important too. The real issue is keeping their attention, and no other activity is likely to do this better than crafts.
  • Fly Up, Up, and Away With Preschool Bird Crafts: Ideas For Teachers
    Preschoolers can learn about birds through fun and simple crafts. You will find easy crafts and ideas that will accompany any bird thematic unit or lesson plan. Use this guide as a tool to help you create or enhance your preschool bird projects.
  • Joyeux Noel! Making Christmas Snacks With Kids
    The Buche de Noel, or yule log, is a Christmas holiday tradition. Here is a quick and easy Christmas snack for kids to make in or out of the classroom! This activity also makes a terrific "buddy" activity when pairing older and younger classes together.
  • Teach Preschoolers About the Bible: Four Crafts
    Crafts for preschool children work very well when paired with a specific religious verse. By doing this, you are giving the young ones a creative outlet to express their feelings about the Bible reading, but also a chance to understand the lessons.
  • Welcome Christmas! Four Educational Preschool Christmas Games
    As it gets close to the winter holidays, many students' thoughts turn away from learning and toward fun and festivities. Finding educational Christmas games for preschool classroom centers will keep young ones entertained while sneaking in a lesson or two.
  • Preschool File Folder Games: Two Game Ideas and Additional Resources
    File folder games are an easy and fun way to help your preschoolers learn. Explore ideas, activities and the best links to free file folder games on the web. Learn how to incorporate all subjects in a fun and educational way.
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