Make Oreo Turkeys: Fun & Tasty Preschool Food Craft


Have some fun this Thanksgiving holiday by creating these individual turkeys. Included in this article are simple-to-follow directions for how to make Oreo turkeys. For Preschool students, making this cute little snack will be easy as homemade pumpkin pie!

It is best to have each of the ingredients ready to go, so that all the children must do is make their selections and verify that they have the right number of each ingredient. You may also wish to consider having a small paper or plastic plate for the students to carry their items and then use as a base for building their turkeys.

Here is What You Will Need

  • 1 Oreo
  • 1 pretzel thin. broken into two even pieces
  • 6 pieces of Candy Corn
  • 2 M&Ms in the same color
  • chocolate frosting

The Steps You Should Follow to Make Your Turkey

  1. Place your Oreo on your paper plate so that it is lying flat, and in the center of the plate.
  2. Using 5 of the pieces of Candy Corn, poke the points of each into the frosting center of the Oreo – near the top. Try to keep your pieces of Candy Corn evenly spaced. These will make the turkey's feathers.
  3. Using your two pieces of pretzel stick, poke the ends of the pretzel into the frosting center of the Oreo – at the bottom. These will make the turkey's legs.
  4. Using the chocolate frosting, make 3 small dabs on the top of the Oreo, in the places where the turkey's eyes and beak will go.
  5. Press the M&Ms into the chocolate frosting where the eyes of the turkey would be.
  6. Finally, press the remaining Candy Corn piece into the chocolate frosting where the turkey's beak should be.

Now your Oreo turkey snacks are ready to eat!

Ideas for Making it with your Class

When using these directions for how to make Oreo turkeys, students may find it even easier if the steps are each written out on a separate card. If you decide to do so, be certain to begin by listing the ingredients the children will need to get started. Instruct the children to find the ingredients, and then count out the exact number they will need for each.

Or, if you are using these directions with a large group of children, you may wish to create a checklist for the directions – instead. Even very young children will enjoy making check marks after each step has been completed.

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