Three Little Pigs: Preschool Art Activities

Three Little Pigs: Preschool Art Activities
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Make stories come alive with a series of activities based on the story. Art and craft activities as well as games can be modified to fit into this theme. Here are some “Three Little Pigs” preschool art projects that will surely be enjoyed by the children. This collection of ideas and instructions are described below.

Paper Plate Pig Mask

Use a paper plate and a paper cup to make a cute pig’s mask. Take a paper plate and paint it in a pig’s pink color. Cut a small paper cup into half. This will be used to make a snout. Paint the outside of the cup pink as well. Cut out two holes in the plate to make eyes for the children to see through. Glue the cup on the plate and draw a nose on the bottom of the snout. Punch two holes on the sides of the paper plate and use it to attach strings. Kids will love wearing pig masks and pretending to be pigs. You can also act out “The Three Little Pigs” story with these masks.

Pig’s House Picture

Collect thin sticks for this activity. Cut them in equal lengths. Draw an outline of a house on paper. Invite the children to glue the sticks on the outline to make a hut. You can even add pictures of pigs near house and decorate the background.

3 Little Pigs Finger Puppets

Make small finger puppets that children can use to tell the story of the wolf and the three little pigs. Cut rectangle strips of paper and roll them to form little cylinders that will fit onto the children’s fingers. On separate thick paper, draw tiny pig faces and let the children color them. Cut these pig faces out and glue them onto the paper cylinders. Similarly cut out little wolf faces. Children can wear 3 pig puppets on one hand and one wolf puppet on the other and enjoy telling the story.

Pig Balloon

Here’s a cute pig idea from Nancy Michaud. Make a pig like the one shown in the picture. Blow up light pink color balloons. Use the part of the balloon where you tie, to make the snout of the pig. Add eyes, ears, and a mouth. You can even add a tiny tail at the back. Play balloon games with these balloons for a really fun activity time with the children.

Hope you enjoyed these “Three Little Pigs” preschool art activities. Here are a few more ideas that can help you with this pig theme. Such activities help children develop an interest in stories and books. Here are some tips to help you introduce this story to the children. Most of all make sure the kids are having fun. All the best!

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