Back to School Project and Activity Ideas for Pre-K and Preschool Classrooms

Back to School Project and Activity Ideas for Pre-K and Preschool Classrooms
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Back to Learning

Going back to school, or back to learning for kids is the day they will get to meet new teachers and new peers within their freshly decorated classrooms.

This day can be a nervous day full of many first times. Children both look forward to and want to avoid their first day simultaneously. Easing them into their new routines is the goal of teachers everywhere.

Guide them in their new learning environment and help them get to know their new classmates with these fun crafts and ideas.

What’s the Teacher’s Name Game

Every time someone in your class uses your name for the first two hours of class, hand out a healthy snack or other reward as a form of reinforcement. Explain early in class that they are playing a game and discuss the rules so that your students know what to do.

Circle Name Game

Have all the children sit in a circle. Ask them each to give their names and tell everyone their favorite thing to eat. Allow two children to answer and before the third child answers, ask the class who can tell you the first classmate’s name by raising their hands. If they are right, all the class should clap. If not, give the first student’s name again. Repeat the routine until all the children have answered the questions.

The Classroom Game

This game will help familiarize your children with the class and the class rules. Point out key areas in the room and create scenarios that would involve them going to that part of the classroom. Ask where they would go if they needed to go to the bathroom or wash their hands. Ask what they should do when they need a crayon, a pair of scissors or a pencil. This is a fun way to make sure they know key areas in the room and the rules for each space.

Class Photo

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Poster board
  • Stickers
  • Stapler


Using a digital camera, take a picture of the entire class sitting on a circle time rug or mat. Upload the picture to a computer and make a letter-size printout for each child. Give each student four one-inch strips of construction paper and a piece of poster board slightly larger than the photos. Staple the borders to the picture and the picture to the poster boards. Allow each child to decorate their borders with stickers or glitter.

These fun preschool games and activities help students become familiar with their new class home as well as the names and faces of the people they meet on their first day back to school.