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  • Will You Be My Friend? A Kindergarten Lesson
    When a young child faces a new experience such as the first day of school, the common conversation may begin tearfully, “I won’t know anyone. I don’t have any friends.” Use a book as a foundation to begin a dialogue about making friends. Then role-play some examples.
  • A Voting Theme for Kindergarten: Elections in America
    Every four years, candidates hit the campaign trail in the hopes of being elected President of the United States. This is a perfect time to educate your future voters about America’s election process. Teach children the very basics of this special election; starting with “What’s an election?"
  • Egg-stra Fun Math Games for Your Little Hens
    Turn your students into little hens with these egg-related activities that reinforce math skills. Whether you have a class of many students or homeschool just one or two kids, these games can be used individually or in groups. You can make these games with simple materials and the rules are easy.
  • 5 Great Apps for Preschool Kids
    We have compiled a list of five great apps for preschool aged kids that are safe, kid-friendly and fun that all focus on some key educational aspect. Some are only available on iTunes, but most can be found on both iTunes and Google Play.
  • See You Later Alligator, After While Crocodile
    Next to dinosaurs, crocodilians are a preschooler’s new friend. This animal group is made up of alligators, crocodiles, caimans and gharials. This lesson plan will help you teach children about some of these impressive reptiles.
  • Musical Play: Creative Music Center Ideas
    Music has an integral role in the early childhood classroom. Not only does it support early learning and growth in multiple developmental domains, but it is also enjoyable and fun! Learn some creative ways to combine music with play in the classroom.
  • Kindergarten Readiness: What Does It Really Mean?
    What does kindergarten readiness really mean? Does the term refer to a child’s social development, thinking and problem solving skills, academic knowledge or physical abilities? Many different groups have varying views on what children needs to be “kindergarten ready.”
  • Knock on Wood: A Kindergarten Science Lesson
    In this lesson, students use their five senses to observe the properties of wood using the basics of STEM curriculum. Opportunities will be provided for critical thinking and creativity. Students will practice communicating by sharing ideas, theories and discoveries.
  • Rough and Tumble Play
    Physical activity is as important in early learning as books, friends and toys. But what if it gets a little “rough”? What does that mean and is it ok for children to “horse around?” Is it safe? Let’s find out!
  • Cooking in Preschool-Why We Should Do It!
    From making a PB&J to baking a pie to making applesauce, children love to cook. Cooking helps children work toward social, cognitive, academic, language and physical developmental milestones. Let’s review why cooking with preschoolers is such a beneficial way to incorporate learning opportunities.
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