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  • 3 Simple Symbolic Christmas Crafts for Kindergarten
    These homemade art projects seem to embody the spirit of the season and evoke wonderful holiday memories each year they are displayed. Each project involves a symbolic part of Christmas and is easy and fun to make in the classroom.
  • Teaching Gratitude to Children during Thanksgiving
    Give children opportunities to learn about why we are "thankful" during Thanksgiving. These activities are fun to do and teach an important lesson along the way. Children can learn to appreciate the things they have and to give thanks and blessings for a wonderful life.
  • Can a Mouse Save The King of the Jungle? A Kindergarten Language Arts Lesson
    Begin by reading a simple version of a favorite Aesop’s Fable. Not only will it be an easy book with which to introduce characters, setting and major events but it will also provide a lesson about the importance of helping others.
  • Learning About Paper: Making It, Using It and Recycling It
    Begin by reading and discussing a book called Tree to Paper to your students and then have some fun by acting out the process of how a tree becomes paper.
  • Where Is It? Understanding Positional Words: A Kindergarten Math Lesson
    Where’s my shoe? Is it under the bed or behind the chair? Did the cat go out or is she in front of the fireplace? Positional words are important to understand. In this lesson the students give clues using positional words so their friends can find a hidden object.
  • Columbus Day Activities for Kindergarten
    Your students probably don't know much about Christopher Columbus at this age, but through discussions and projects, your little learners will gain knowledge and have fun with these Columbus Day activities for kindergarten.
  • Help! Fire! A Fire Safety Lesson for Kindergarten
    Children are never too young to learn fire safety rules. This lesson begins by reading an engaging rhyming book that depicts some common mistakes people make when caught in a fire. Then let the safety conversation begin!
  • 3 Spooktacular Ghost Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten
    Your students will love to make these theme projects for Halloween. Ghosts do not have to be scary (especially for young children) – make them a friendly figural part of this holiday season.
  • I Can Rhyme, It’s True! Can You? A Kindergarten Language Arts Lesson
    Why is rhyming important? Research shows a correlation between rhyming and reading readiness. It provides an opportunity to sharpen listening skills, identify sounds and change sounds around. Besides, it’s fun! Today we will read a rhyming book as an introduction and play an active rhyming game.
  • Let’s Promote Peace: A Kindergarten Lesson
    Begin fostering a peaceful environment in your classroom and you will see that it flows beyond the classroom. You will lay a foundation for the children that will build as they grow, helping them to resolve conflicts and spread peace to others.
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