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  • Empty or Full? Near or Far? A Kindergarten Lesson about Antonyms
    Young children love words. Understanding antonyms and synonyms help students to express themselves more clearly in spoken and written words.
  • 3 St. Patrick’s Day Symbolic Crafts for Kindergarten
    Invite your young lads and lassies to make entertaining crafts for St. Patrick’s Day. The March 17 holiday is full of magical symbols that engage your students in fun projects that use developmental and learning skills. Here are three ideas to get your group started.
  • A Penguin Theme Unit for Early Childhood
    Pass the long days of winter with penguin fun in the classroom. These adorable flightless birds can be the theme of a variety of curriculum activities that can entertain young children as they learn. Everyone loves penguins!
  • Crafts and Activities From the Heart on Valentine’s Day
    When Valentine's Day rolls around, kids like to have fun crafts and gifts that are suitably cute for everyone on the list. How about a practical way to woo or wow? Think homemade gifts from the heart! Don’t forget some engaging activities to make the day special.
  • How is My Green Shoe Like a Frog? A Kindergarten Math Classifying Lesson
    Sorting is a fun hands-on activity for young students that gets them thinking. At first, provide a sorting rule such as sorting by color, size or shape. Take it to the next level and allow the children to sort by their own rules. This lesson provides activities to stimulate the thinking process!
  • Valentine’s Day: Kids Learn About Love and Friendship Through Singing and Games
    Valentine's Day on February 14 is a time to display love and affection. Explain to children that love and friendship can be expressed in many ways, including songs such as these.
  • Teaching Your Kindergarten Class about the Chinese New Year
    Chinese people consider The Chinese New Year as the most important and festive holiday. It is celebrated on the first day of the lunar calendar (with the beginning of the New Moon) anywhere from January 21 to February 19. These activities will help students understand the holiday.
  • 3 Chilly Snowmen Crafts for the Kindergarten Classroom
    The January blahs can put your students into a stall unless you plan some special activities designed to raise spirits and recharge batteries. Whether you have inches of snow or are dreaming of the white stuff, snowmen crafts are fun to make. Here are three ideas using different mediums.
  • Ice Theme: Cool Science Experiments for Kindergarten
    Ice is “cool" and your students will be anxious to learn all about it. Take a week and study ice, using these entertaining and educational activities to foster this concept. Fill each day with hands-on science experiments starting on Monday. Here we go!
  • It’s the Season of The Nutcracker: Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
    During the month of December, major and local companies in many cities perform this ballet. If a live performance is impossible, this famous story is available in books and videos. Enchant your students this season with the story of The Nutcracker using any media.
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