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Find hundreds of free lesson plans for fun, hands-on, creative learning in your pre-kindergarten or kindergarten classroom. Experienced teachers and education professionals share their favorite ways to teach their young students new concepts, including circle time and group activities, craft projects, seasonal and thematic units, and more.

Most lesson plans come with step-by-step instructions on how to pull together the materials and present the activities to students in a way that is sure to engage their young minds as they discover and explore new topics and subjects. You are sure to find some fun and unique ideas for teaching socialization, vocabulary, reading, writing, early math, science and much, much more. And, many of the activities may also indicate that they work equally well for first or second grade, depending on the unit you are studying and the pace of your class. Have a question? Post it in the comments section, and start a conversation with other elementary education teachers who regularly visit Bright Hub Education.

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  • Patriotic Crafts for Kindergarten: Celebrating America with Red, White, and Blue
    Celebrate the spirit of America with red, white and blue projects. Invite your young patriotic students to make crafts that can be used during any of America’s celebrations, such as Flag Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.
  • 3 Tree-mendous Crafts for Kindergarten
    Whether you are celebrating Earth Day, Arbor Day or just the four seasons, trees can be the center of attention for a theme unit. Trees play a vital role on this earth, as they all serve an important purpose. Here are three fun crafts about trees for your class to make.
  • 3 Buzzing Bee Crafts for the Preschool/Kindergarten Classroom
    As the spring and summer months come knocking at your classroom door, get buzzing with some fun bee crafts. Discuss prior knowledge on bees and add in a few new stories to stimulate interest in these insects before beginning extension activities.
  • Stay in Shape! Kindergarten Math (Geometry)
    Learning big words that identify shapes can be exciting for young students. It seems grown up to them! But it’s important that they learn the attributes of a rectangle, square, circle or a triangle. This lesson will allow students to practice verbalizing the characteristics of each shape.
  • 3 Engaging Easter Crafts for Your Kindergarten Class
    Easter is a wonderful holiday to celebrate spring. Symbols of this occasion help young children show their creative side. Bunnies, chicks and eggs always make Easter a fun and memorable time for your students. Here are three crafts that will engage your little learners in some holiday fun.
  • Backwards Day Theme for the Kindergarten Class
    Backwards Day is a fun and unique theme to be celebrated in the classroom. You can use any day of the year to engage in these activities. Some teachers choose National Backwards Day, a non-traditional holiday on January 31, and others choose April 15, because of Leonardo de Vinci (see below).
  • Swim, Jump, Run and Hop! Action Verbs for Kindergarten
    There is no better way to learn about action words than to be active. Young students can throw their whole bodies into this lesson!
  • Empty or Full? Near or Far? A Kindergarten Lesson about Antonyms
    Young children love words. Understanding antonyms and synonyms help students to express themselves more clearly in spoken and written words.
  • 3 St. Patrick’s Day Symbolic Crafts for Kindergarten
    Invite your young lads and lassies to make entertaining crafts for St. Patrick’s Day. The March 17 holiday is full of magical symbols that engage your students in fun projects that use developmental and learning skills. Here are three ideas to get your group started.
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