Make a Family Mobile in Class In This Fun Pre-K Lesson Plan on Home & Family

This easy-to-teach lesson plan requires few materials and will help deepen your preschoolers understanding of family. After completing this lesson, your students should be able to give a simple definition of family. Use this lesson as part of a unit on family or on its own.


  • My Family by Debbie Bailey
  • Photos of students’ family members
  • Construction paper (9×12)
  • Crayons/markers
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or fishing line
  • Hole punch

Prior Knowledge

Bring in a picture of your family. Show it to your class. Talk about who your family members are. Explain that every family looks different. Encourage students to share who is in their family.


Show students the cover of the book. Have students make predictions about what the book will be about. Read the story stopping to discuss the pictures. Make sure to emphasize that every family looks different. You can even discuss how some children live with stepparents and some live with grandparents. Others even live with aunts and uncles. When you finish reading, ask students what they think a family is. Make sure that students understand the basic concept of family, which is a group of people who live together and that most of the time they are related.


Prior to teaching this lesson plan, have students bring in photos of family members. Be sure to explain to parents that the photos will not be returned. Have them bring in photos of just immediate family members for this project. It is up to you whether or not to include pets.

Pass out construction paper to your students. Have them draw a picture of the house they live in. Discuss different types of houses that people live in, such as apartments; single family homes, mobile homes, duplexes, and town homes. Once they have finished drawing their home, have them cut it out. Some students will need help cutting out the picture. Punch holes in the bottom of the picture they drew. Punch one hole for every picture that will be on the mobile.

Pass out the photos that students brought in. A good idea is to trim the photos and hole punch the top of them beforehand so that they can all fit on the mobile. Attach the photos to the house picture using the yarn or fishing line.

When everyone is finished, hang the mobiles throughout the classroom. Before you hang them up, have students stand up and show one or two pictures and tell who the people are.


Have students draw a picture of who is in their family. Circulate around the room and have students tell you who is in their drawing.