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Help! Fire! A Fire Safety Lesson for Kindergarten

written by: Patricia Gable • edited by: Tricia Goss • updated: 9/21/2016

Children are never too young to learn fire safety rules. This lesson begins by reading an engaging rhyming book that depicts some common mistakes people make when caught in a fire. Then let the safety conversation begin!

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    1. Recognize the rights and responsibilities of citizenship SS00-S03-C04-02

    Class/School Rules, Constitution Day, Fire Safety

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    • Fire Safety Lesson No Dragons for Tea by Jean Pendziwol
    • 12"x18" white construction paper for each student
    • Crayons, pencils
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    Read No Dragons for Tea. The book includes a Fire-Safety poem and a checklist of important rules to follow in the event of a fire.

    Pay particular attention to the actions of the dragon when the fire begins. What mistakes did the dragon make?

    • He tried to hide in the house.
    • Once outside he tried to go back in for his toy.

    What were the good safety rules that the young boy and his mother followed?

    • Dropped to the ground crawled out to stay below the smoke
    • Had a meeting place outside
    • Mother called the fire department from the neighbor’s house. She knew the emergency number and gave her address clearly and calmly.

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    Write the below rules on the board spreading them out so the students don’t get mixed up when copying a rule. Include the number next to the rule. Then give each student a number 1-6. They will copy the rule that has the corresponding number. The rule is written at the top of the white paper. Then the student should draw a picture to illustrate the rule. Walk around the room to assist. Display them in the hallway when completed.

    1. Don’t Hide! Go outside!

    2. Never call from a burning building

    3. Decide on a meeting place

    4. Never go back inside

    5. Don’t play with matches or lighters

    6. When clothes catch fire…Stop, Drop and Roll

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    Talk with your family about what you should do in case of a fire. Choose an outside meeting place. Post the emergency number by the phone. Practice!