Parenting a Special Education Student

Parents of a student newly diagnosed with a disability that is impacting their child’s learning will find themselves thrust into a brand new world that can be confusing, and often, stressful. There are federal and state laws to understand and interpret, special education committees to work with, a whole new terminology to learn – not to mention the natural concerns and worries you will have for your child’s future.
Here you will find a collection of articles, advice and opinion written by parents, grandparents and guardians who offer their insight, gained from years of experience. You will also find advice from special education professionals — teachers who have, and are, working within the special ed system and can provide valuable input on how to work in partnership with the school to ensure your child receives the assistance they need.

Where to Look for Assistive Technology Grants and How to Prepare Grant Proposals

Assistive technology for special needs children to function efficiently in the standard classroom is expensive. Schools often do not have the necessary assistive technology for special needs students nor have the funding to acquire it. Grants are an excellent resource for obtaining assistive technology for the special needs student. How do you obtain grants for assistive technology?