Advice for Parents of Teens

The teenage years are definitely a time when you wish that each of your children came with a survival guide that contained all the answers to teens’ mysterious, angst-riddled, hormone-laden souls. But, alas, as we’ve already discovered multiple times in this parenthood journey, no such guide exists. So, we’ve gathered together experienced educators and teachers to provide advice and opinion on issues pertaining to parenting teenagers. You’ll also find articles from college students and recent grads whose teen years aren’t that far behind them, and who can lend much needed perspective on the ups and downs, the challenges and issues that high school students and their parents typically face.

Reading Strategies That Work for Teenagers

Many children learn how to read books while they are still very young because their parents introduced them to the world of reading and books. But as they grow older, how do parents help their teens keep their interest in reading books? Learn a few reading strategies that work for teenagers.

YA Literature: Too Dark for Its Own Good?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Meghan Cox Gurdon entitled “Darkness Too Visible” sparked outrage across the young adult literature community. Authors, editors and fans of YA across the globe participated in heated discussions regarding the appropriateness of certain YA titles.

Coping with Teen Stress and its Causes

Teenagers are exposed to difficult life situations on an almost constant basis. The very concept of being a teenager provides the perfect recipe for stress and the affects this has on the body can be just as dangerous for teens as they are for older generations.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Teens

Healthy eating has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase longevity, amp up your energy and improve your overall health. During the school day, it can become difficult for teens to eat healthy — but you can help out with these awesome lunch ideas!