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  • Helping Your Teen Learn to Budget His Money
    It is important for your teenage children to learn how to handle money. Spending patterns set in the teen years will tend to influence them when they reach adulthood.
  • Benefits of Clubs, Sports, and More for Your Teenager
    Belonging to a club or team has the potential to help teenagers socially and academically. The benefits of participation are often dependent on the number and variety of activities throughout their lifetime.
  • Coping With Teen Stress
    Teenagers are exposed to difficult life situations on an almost constant basis. The very concept of being a teenager provides the perfect recipe for stress and the affects this has on the body can be just as dangerous for teens as they are for older generations.
  • Quick and Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Teens
    Healthy eating has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase longevity, amp up your energy and improve your overall health. During the school day, it can become difficult for teens to eat healthy -- but you can help out with these awesome lunch ideas!
  • Understanding Typical Grade School Code of Conduct Rules
    Use this general guide to grade school code of conduct rules to prepare your child for the rules at school. As they move toward their teen years, it's even more important to set and enforce boundaries. These tips might save your child from inadvertently breaking rules and getting into trouble!
  • A Day in the Life of a High School Student: Making High School a Memorable Experience
    We have tips so parents can create ideas and activities to make their teen's high school days as memorable as possible. Many teens enter high school overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle, and by encouraging them to become involved you can help your teen become a well rounded individual.
  • Bonding with Your Teen: Some Do's and Don'ts to Have an Open Dialogue
    Want to talk with your teenager with minimal fuss or frustration? Consider time, place, words, tone and volume, facial expressions and gestures so as not to set off WWIII in your home. Bonding with your teen can be a happy time for both of you.
  • Moving Beyond the Twilight Saga
    Now that your tween or teen has read the Twilight Saga, how are you going to keep the momentum going?
  • I'm the Parent of a High School Student: How Involved Should I Be in Their Education?
    Encouraging a parent's role in their child's education at the high school level is one of those things that sounds easy and has obvious benefits. But how do you make it work on a practical level? This article explores some tips for good communication skills that work well with teens!
  • Counseling for Troubled Students: Students Who Cut Themselves
    Cutting behavior among teenagers is on the upswing. This complex disorder requires intervention with the guidance department and school psychologist.
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