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  • Building Good Relationships for Teens
    One of the most important things in a teen’s world is making and maintaining good relationships. From friends to boyfriends or girlfriends, these relationships give many teens a sense of belonging and a peer group that helps them to cope with the daily stresses of school and of life.
  • How to Motivate Older Students by Discussing Careers
    Inspiring students to do well in school is not only the job of teachers and school counselors. Parents can help children become motivated by showing them how "boring" schoolwork can help them reach their goals for the future.
  • Career Planning in High School: Helping Students to Think Beyond Graduation
    When planning for a career, it is to think beyond high school, graduation. This is often hard to envision for students who still focus on the here and now, but it is important to planning what they should do to achieve their career goals.
  • Should Your Child Go to College? (That is The Question)
    To be… or not to be. Hamlet asked this question in one of the most popular soliloquies ever penned, and students must ask themselves this question when deciding whether college is for them.
  • Things Students Can Do Outside of School to Prepare for Future Jobs and Careers
    Every little bit helps when you are helping your child plan for their future career. Meeting community and industry professionals and exploring various career options can go a long way toward helping them plan for their future career.
  • How to Align High School Coursework with the Future Career Path
    When helping your child focus on his future career, many things need to come into place to best prepare. One of the things you can do is to make sure the coursework he takes aligns with his career goals.
  • Part IV. Smoking Dangers: Lifting the "Smoke Screens"
    Smoking is a very dangerous and addictive habit. Not only does it have serious health consequences, it has been proven to visibly age your skin (a detail that will prevent many teens from picking up a cigarette!) Learn the facts about the dangers of smoking for kids.
  • III. When the Teen Drinker Becomes the Adult Alcoholic
    Alcohol is illegal for those under the age of 21 for a reason. Teenager's brains are not fully developed before then, limiting their ability to make wise decisions. Early abuse of alcohol can have a detrimental affect on their development. Learn how to talk to your teen about the dangers of alcohol.
  • Part II. When Friends Tempt Your Kids to Try Drugs
    It's sad but true - friends are the most common source of drugs for teenage users. Parents should be proactive in their child's lives in order to reduce the possibility of substance abuse.
  • Your Kids and Drugs in the Age of “Easy Access”
    In today's day and age, it is easier than ever for kids to access drugs and other harmful substances. Many get drugs from their friends and classmates, but students can also order drugs online. Learn how you as a parent can prevent your child from getting involved in drug use.
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