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  • Why Do Children Talk to Themselves?
    Little Jenny is capable of carrying along a happy conversation with herself - and inanimate objects - when not directly supervised. What purpose, if any, does her self-directed speech serve? There are several theories. In this article we'll look at them from a psychological perspective.
  • Guidelines for Preschool Readiness
    Provided are guidelines for teachers to help parents decide if their child is ready for preschool or not. These guidelines will help the parent to decide if the toddler is socially, physically, or mentally prepared to enter the preschool classroom.
  • Fun with Puppets: Easy Ideas for Parents
    You can easily make homemade puppets with materials you already have at home. Have some fun with your young child and encourage learning with these puppet ideas.
  • Preschool Graduation Cake Ideas for Classroom or Home
    To make a child's first-ever graduation a special one, you really need to include a celebration cake or two. Finding preschool graduation cake ideas isn't difficult, but a lot of options are a bit predictable. Let's look outside of the cake box for some original, but easy-to-implement ideas.
  • Classical Music Websites for Kids
    Do you want to make learning about classical music fun for your child? This article highlights some of the best classical music websites for kids available on the World Wide Web. With interactive games, listening examples, and lots of visual effects these websites are very engaging.
  • Boredom Busters For a Toddler in the Hospital
    Taking your young child to the hospital is scary. Even if you are just staying for a very brief period of time, keeping the little one distracted and occupied takes some planning. Read on for some toddler hospital activities that are surefire fun boredom busters.
  • Help Your Shy Child Make Friends Easier in Preschool
    Shyness is the bane of many youngsters’ existence. There are a number of preschool parent activities for the shy child to make preschool friends, which are designed to actively ease preschoolers into peer relations. Would you know what to do?
  • How to Teach Toddlers to Have Patience
    Teaching toddlers patience requires a teacher to use a variety of methods for teaching patience and providing activities that will require toddlers to have more patience. Keeping realistic expectations and consistency can do a lot to make a toddler more patient and well-mannered.
  • Homemade Lift-the-Flap Books for Babies
    Learn how to make your own lift-the-flap books for infants and young children with a step-by-step guide and theme suggestions that will entertain the young people in your life for hours on end while also extending their vocabulary and memory.
  • Welcome Letters to Preschool Parents Open the Line of Communication
    Attention all preschool parents! Many preschools send out Welcome Letters to parents to reveal communication ideas. Read on and learn about these beginning of the year letters and come prepared!
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