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  • How to Deal With A Resistant Potty Trainer
    A resistant potty trainer refuses to use the toilet even when parents have read every book on the subject. However, there are some things parents can do to eliminate resistance and toilet train for good. Find out the best tips and techniques in this useful article.
  • Party Time! Preschool Birthday Party Games and Activities
    For most parents, just the thought of hosting a party for a group of preschoolers is enough to cause stress! But parties with young children can be wildly successful if you have appropriate expectations and are able to plan properly. So plan ahead, be flexible and enjoy the party!
  • How Different Parenting Approaches Can Influence Brain Development
    A baby’s brain is a rapidly developing organ from the time he is implanted as an embryo in the uterus to the time he is born and grows into a child. Find out what studies show about how different parenting styles can affect a child’s cognitive development.
  • Beyond The Alphabet Song: At-Home Activities for Teaching Your Preschooler the ABC's
    There is so much more to learning the ABC's than just singing the song! When your preschooler shows signs of wanting to learn about letters, try some of these fun and simple ideas to help a child learn the alphabet and foster a love of letters and language.
  • Does Attachment Parenting Make It Easier or Harder For Your Child to Go to Preschool?
    How does an attachment parenting style impact a child's development as far as attending preschool? Understanding the pros and cons of this particular parenting style helps parents feel confident about alleviating any difficulties related to school attendance, tantrums and separation anxiety.
  • About Mandatory Pre-Kindergarten
    Have you heard of the campaign for institutionalizing preschool programs? Do you think that preschool should be mandatory for all children of preschool age? Read on to find out more about mandatory preschool, universal preschool and what people are saying about it all.
  • Assess Your Child Using Kindergarten Readiness Standards
    Is your child ready for kindergarten? Find out what skills your child can be prepared to learn or already have dabbled in, and then use the readiness standards to honestly assess where they are at.
  • Play the Sticky Shapes Game: Shape Activities
    Find instructions on how to create and play a shape activities game that will help your preschool aged child learn their shapes. It is a great toddler activity that you both will enjoy. This lesson plan will not only teach but strengthen the bond between you and the child.
  • Must Ask Questions Before Starting Preschool
    It is often a scary time when your child is ready to start preschool and you want them in a nurturing and educationally sound environment. Knowing what questions to ask when your child is starting preschool can help put your mind at ease and ensure you are choosing the right school.
  • Three Fun Family Games For Children Using Old Photos
    Gather some copies of photographs and together make games that will enhance the learning of family members. These fun photo games will not only be enjoyable but educational as well.
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